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Regions of Knowledge project in the field of transport (safety and security). They would like to know if there is a cluster in our region that could be potentially interested in collaborating with them.

(Preliminary) Title of the project

Regions’ network for European Competitive Safe and Secure Mobility

Outline of the project idea

The project aims at a implementing a transnational cooperation between regional research-driven clusters operating in the transport domain, to support the innovative capacity of European transport-related industries and businesses, so making happen more and better RTD investments at regional level and supporting European competitiveness worldwide.

The area addressed by the envisaged transnational cooperation is the “competitiveness , safety and security of mobility systems”.

The project activities will include:

* Analysis, development and implementation of research agendas
* Mentoring of regions with a less developed research profile by highly developed ones
* Initiatives to improve integration of research actors and institutions in regional economies

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Title: “Transnational cooperation between regional research-driven clusters”

Call Identifier: FP7-2011-REGIONS-1

Funding Programme: FP7/Capacities/Regions of Knowledge


Funding Instrument: Coordination And Support Action (CSA-CA)

Link to call documents:

Closing date: 09 December 2010 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Foreseen project duration

3 years

Partners already involved

A Research-driven cluster of the Campania Region (Italy) dedicated to the transport sector, composed by:

* The Campania Regional Authority (possibly represented by a specialised regional entity, such as a regional transport agency);
* The Research Organization TEST Scarl - the Regional Centre of Competence for Transportation Systems (a consortium company composed by 5 Universities of the Campania Region, the National Research Council (CNR) and a Scientific and Technological Park (Technapoli)), which was set up on 2006 as a result of an initiative of the Campania Region co-financed with European funds (POR 2000-2006),to aggregate main territorial Public Research entities dedicated to the transport sector and to complement them with additional resources and capacities;
* Territorial large and small/medium enterprises operating in the transport , including Elasis SCpA (FIAT Group).

The aggregation of this research-driven cluster was catalysed by an initiative of the Regional industrial association Confindustria Campania carried out on 2008 with the aim of supporting the Regional Authority in defining the Regional Planning of R&D European Funds (POR 2007-2013)

Type of partners you are looking for and their expected roles in the project

Research-Driven Clusters established in EU Member States and/or Associated Countries.

The Research-driven Cluster shall be mature and must be composed of at least three types of legal entities (so called triple helix), namely:

* legal entities conducting research (universities, research organisations and research forprofit bodies); national entities conducting research can be accepted if their organisational structure is broken down at regional level and if the regional structure involved is located in the same region
as the other components of the cluster;
* business entities (large enterprises and SMEs as defined in the EC recommendation 2003/361/CE of 6 May 2003, OJ L 124/36, 20/05/2003) or their local groupings;
* regional/local authorities (local and regional government, regional development agencies); national entities can be accepted to represent regional authorities either in small Member States made up of only one NUTS II region (plus Slovenia which has two NUTS II regions), or if their organisational structure is broken down at regional level and their regional representation is located in (or is effectively in charge of) the same region as the other components of the cluster; specialised regional entities, like for example regional transport agencies, can be accepted if they are in charge of the design and/or the implementation of the relevant regional policy.

Financial aspects - EC contribution - EC co-funding rate - Foreseen project budget

Co-funding rate: up to 100% of eligible costs
Foreseen project Budget: 3 M€
Deadline for responding to this partner search
Tuesday 2nd November 2010, end of business

Contact person(s)
- Name - Organisation
- Telephone number
- Email Address

Mr Andrea Bifulco
TEST Scarl
Tel +39 081 7685122
Email: crdctrasporti@unina.it