Oficina CEER

Portugal will be welcoming this year for the first time the conference EISCO - European Information Society Conference. Since 1998, this Conference has been playing a fundamental role in disseminating eGovernment practices and in discussing strategies and good practices related to the Information Society. This event is also co-organised by AMAVE - Associação de Municípios do Vale do Ave (the Association of Municipalities of the Vale do Ave region) and by the European Local Authorities” Telematic Network (ELANET), which is supported locally by INESC TEC. The EISCO 2012 Conference will take place in the city of Guimarães, between 12 and 14 November.

This is an event that gathers local and regional authorities in Europe and it is the most important conference on the Information Society at a European level. The aim of this event is to promote the Digital Local Agenda.

Some of the themes that will be addressed at EISCO 2012 include the citizen e-participation in governing and decision-making processes, the digital empowerment of administrations and people, open data and cloud computing.

Past editions took place in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland and Finland. The city of Guimarães is this year”s European Capital of Culture and the choice was pertinent as this was one of the first regions to welcome the concept of Digital Region – “the Digital Region of the Vale do Ave”. The EISCO 2012 will then be essential for the affirmation of this region”s strategy to modernise the services provided to the citizens and companies in the North of Portugal.

The Conference is coordinated by ELANET where INESC TEC, coordinated by INESC Porto, is a founding member.

More information about this event: http://www.eisco2012.eu/