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Journal of Mobile Media (New Journal Launch)

Wi: Journal of Mobile Media (formerly known as Wi: Journal of the Mobile Digital Commons Network) addresses the latest in international scholarship, artistic productions and design research on mobility, wireless technologies, and digital media.

In this issue on Pedestrian Traffic:
* Letter from the Editors by Andrea Zeffiro, Kim Sawchuk, Barbara Crow and Michael Longford
* A Door to the Digital Locus: Walking in the City with a Mobile Phone – and Michel de Certeau by Fabio B. Josgrilberg
* Registering Realities, Parasiting Networks: An Interview with Antoni Abad by Kim Sawchuk
* Pedestrian Thoughts: Waiting in the Street Looking Squatting Filming Taking Time by Robert Prenovault
* Street Level Conversations: On the Urban Interventions of Stephan Schulz by Jennifer Dorner
* Spatial Dissonance, Subjective Imagination and Locative Media: An Interview with Paula Levine by Barbara Crow
* What Else do We Lose When we Make People Disappear? The Passage Oublié Project by Maroussia Lévesque & Jason Lewis

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