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Iberian symposium on hydrogen, fuel cells and advanced batteries en Vila Real

Hyceltec 2009 is the second Iberian symposium devoted to various aspects of research on hydrogen, fuel cells and advanced batteries. Following on from the success of the first event that took place last year in Bilbao (Spain), the meeting will provide an opportunity to highlight recent developments in a field which represents one of the greatest challenges of the present society: building a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future. Key topics, such as, energy conversion and storage, alternative fuel technologies and environmental sciences will be addressed. Emerging and future areas of growth will be identified.

Hyceltec 2009 aims at bringing together experts from the various sub-disciplines to share current research and create an interdisciplinary forum for discussion that will include not only the Iberian scientific community, but also experts from other European countries, North and South America and Asia.

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